Jim Cramer is full of it

Jim Cramer is a liar, a whore of financial community, and a person who really pretends to tell it like it is, but actually misleads people as much as he can.

The reason I write this now is the interview he gives with Time Magazine that says that instead of really being contrite on the daily Show for being an asshat and helping to mislead people, he really wanted to hit Jon Stewart with a chair. He is by his own admission a complete fraud and a liar. I really, really hope Jon Stewart takes him to task for these ridiculous comments:

“I tried not to take it personally, but it was so vicious,” Cramer tells Time magazine, out tomorrow. “The ultimate takeaway from the evening was, Jim, why didn’t you defend yourself? And the answer is, I was trying to defend our network and take a high road and I didn’t want to hit him with a chair or break his face or something like that. But he was very vicious. One day he’ll answer for it.”

Here is the link: Jim Cramer comments