Plants Vs. Zombies

I grew up loving video games as a kid. Unfortunately, as I have gotten older I have less and less time for simple leisure and games. But every now and then I hear about an addictive game and I slip into the little kid I once was. It happened several years ago with Half Life 2 and eighteen months ago with the Nintendo Wii.

I’ve found another addiction: Plants Vs. Zombies. Here is a link to the game website:

Plants Vs. Zombies

The premise of the game is that you must plant seeds and plants to stop zombies from coming through your yard and eating your brains. Its cartoonish, childish, stupid and incredibly addictive. I’m writing this review because I enjoyed the game so much and it helped pass so much time on trains and planes that I want to make sure others enjoy the game as much as I did. It is a great way to pass the time. Here is a screen shot:

The fun of this game is the variety of zombies the game throws at you such as Pole Valuting Zombies and Football Zombies. And you get to use a variety of plants you can use to defend yourself from mine plants which explode when a zombie walks over it to “Wall-nuts” that serve as a barrier.

Try the demo for free and you will find what I found: a great, fun game. I’m really hoping for a sequel or expansion game.