Why is he in charge?

The New York Times profiles Brian Deese, the 31 year old in charge of dismantling GM. Brian Deese represents what I think is a big problem in th Obama administration: No one really has any business experience or has experience operating in the business world. This will come back to bite Obama, the economy and us. Mind you, that this has nothing to do with his age. But take a look below and please do tell me why in all of the United States, Brian Deese was the one who was in charge.

Mr. Deese’s route to the auto table at the White House was anything but a straight line. He is the son of a political science professor at Boston College (his father) and an engineer who works in renewable energy (his mother). He grew up in the Boston suburb of Belmont and attended Middlebury College in Vermont. He went to Washington to work on aid issues and was quickly hired by Nancy Birdsall, a widely respected authority on the effectiveness of international aid and the founder of the Center for Global Development.

But he wanted to learn domestic issues as well, and soon ended up working as an assistant for Gene Sperling, who 17 years ago in the Clinton White House played a similar role as economic policy prodigy. Eventually, Mr. Deese headed to Yale for his law degree. But his e-mail box was constantly filled with messages from friends in Washington who were signing up to work for the Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton campaigns. Mr. Deese chose Senator Clinton’s.

31 Year Old In Charge of dismantling GM