Fantastic Value Investing Congress

I was invited by Whitney Tilson and John Schwartz to speak at their Value Investing Congress in Pasadena on May 7th. For me this conference was an absolute thrill. From meeting other money managers that I have admired from afar, to listening to excellent well researched presentations by some of the best and most successful value managers and meeting with new contacts of people interested in my approach and investment ideas, this was a great conference.

I gave my speech to the Value Investing Congress yesterday, and I believe it was well received by the 400 or so audience members. Beyond talking about my strategy and my philosophy, I recommended two stocks, which are the two largest positions in my fund.

I thought the conference was first class and I was very impressed by the quality of not only the speakers and their presentations, but by the quality of the attendees. I would recommend this conference to any investor.

Here is a link:

Value Investing Congress