The World to Come

I finished a book called, “The World to Come,” by Dara Horn about two weeks ago and the book still resonates deeply with me. It starts out when a young, antisocial, Jewish man goes into a Jewish museum and sees a Marc Chagall painting he is convinced hung in his parents’ house. He decides to steal it when no one is looking.

The book is so rich in its characters, so rich in meaning and in depth, I cannot do it justice. But suffice it to say it goes back into the painting’s history including visits to Russia and even visits to Vietnam. It discusses life and love, the creative process and what connects us.

The power of the book lies its constant thematic reminders of bridges, paintings, life and death, creativity and how we live with the unnoticed help from family members who came before us.

I cannot recommend this book enough. The book is worth reading for the last chapter alone, which is simply astounding in its creativity and beauty.

I plan to read this book again.