Switching to all Macs from PCs

I’m about to make a monumental change in my computing life. Or at least it feels that way. Since I was 7 or 8 years old, all I’ve known are PCs. My first computer from my Dad was an IBM PC with two floppy drives and no hard drive. I learned how to play video games. I remember using DOS and upgrading to Windows. I remember visiting bulletin boards when modems came around.

I have always been happy upgrading and getting the latest and greatest in PCs. But something happened in 2006 that changed things. I upgraded to a top of the line PC and there was no real discernible difference. And the PC came with all kinds of annoying additional demo software and it started being annoying. Then the transfer from my older PC to the newer one was just plain difficult.

Then came a renaissance in Apple and its addition of the Intel processor powered computers. People left and right talked about how much they loved their Apple computers. Further, I loved my Ipod, loved how easy it was to use.

And as my computer continued to disappoint me, I yearned for intuitive, simple, exciting and powerful from a computer. And a part of me yearned for the excitement I used to feel after getting a new computer.

Then came news of Vista, 3 minute boot up times, integration issues and general slowness. And I finally started thinking about changing last year. But it still seemed like a silly idea.

So, I decided to get a Mac as an experiment for the person I work with, to use her as a guinea pig. And the accolades that came from her and the excitement and the showing how great things like Time Machine are and how easy it is and intuitive. She showed me how she can link her computer with the one she has at home and little things like how well Ical works.

After having continued problems from weird Windows issues over old programs recently, I finally had had it. So, in a week, I am about to buy a Imac and possibly an Mac Air. And while I admit I’m nervous, I’m also really excited.

So, does this mean, I and everyone else should go out and buy Apple stock? Probably. Because if diehard PC people like me are switching, we may be on the cusp of a complete sea change. And judging from Apple’s and Microsoft’s earnings, the tide clearly appears to be changing and it may happen more dramatically then people expect.