Thoughts on Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED video

I have a couple of thoughts about Jill Bolte Taylor’s video about the brain and her stroke experience.

The first thought is how interesting it is that the two hemispheres of the brain are completely separate. That the right brain lives in the present moment, thinks in pictures and learns through feeling. The right brain experiences life through an explosion of what this present moment feels, smells and looks like.

The left hemisphere thinks linearly and methodically. Its all about the past and the future. The left brain picks out details in the present and associates those details to the past and projects out into the future.

The left is a calculating intelligence that says, “I am” and “I am seperate.”

The right is emotive intelligence that is part of the whole world through the senses.

Could the left brain be our Yetser Hara, the evil/creative inclination? Could the right brain in a way be our soul? Its very interesting how this talk immediately conjured up thoughts of Kaballah for me.

Her last point in her talk was how important it was to focus more and more on the right brain. How do we do that? How do we cultivate our right brain and use it more in our lives? Meditation? Prayer? Music? Art?

Definitely worth thinking about…

Here is the video again:

Jill Bolte Taylor TED video